1-to-1 Performance Coaching

The momentum and accountability of the Coaching engagement keeps people on track towards their goals and stops them drifting. The coaching conversations are often the only opportunities senior management and business leaders get to stop, take stock and course correct. Clients hire me to significantly improve their relationship management capabilities and professional and personal results – they are interested in doing it more effectively and expediently than they might do on their own. Contact me today for a free coaching conversation, or click here and here for more information on my coaching sessions.

Project & Program Collaboration

The Team will have a solid foundation. It can weather the storms that real evolving relationships bring because behaviours are fit for purpose. High levels of trust, listening and commitment to each other’s work. Commitment exists to the value long game. Productivity is high and promises delivered. Setbacks are got over with little energy expended. Powerful, straight, direct, well intentioned conversations rule. Vulnerability and humility are recognised as virtues. Conversations have strategic depth and impact. Measure your team’s maturity via one of my free resources. Also click here for our Project Collaboration process.

High Performing Leadership Teams

Worked on and worked out how to strengthen strengths and delegate weaknesses within the team. Stop wasting time trying to change each other and having ego duels. An ability to get to the source; quickly and decisively versus dancing around the edges and the symptoms of the issue or challenge. Figured out that ‘productive contention’ is healthy and goes with the territory in a mature, agile team. Absence of behaviour and conversations that sabotage agreed decisions and promises. Team members can fully listen to ideas or conversations that they are not comfortable with. To be more at ease with making unpopular decisions.
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Behavioural Assessment Coaching - Bid Teams

Contractors and Consultants are finding that major procurement exercises are increasingly won or lost on significant testing of behavioural and collaborative capability.
We work with and prepare bid teams for the high tempo and intense challenges that they will face in team behavioural assessment, behavioural interviews and composition of meaningful behavioural biographies.
The emphasis is to actually create high performing teams versus Coaching people to say the ‘right buzz words’. To create a Team that is instinctive, natural, powerful, emotionally intelligent and cohesive.
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Capable Manager to Project Director

Buro Four

I worked with Buro Four, a top UK project management company, to develop leadership capability within its high potential staff to make them 'boardroom ready'. What happens is the shift to 'stop doing the work and start leading the team' and focussing on the big picture tasks fitting their executive pay grade.

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Team shifts from Good to Great

Network Rail

Working with a Network Rail business unit, we implemented the processes and behavioural changes necessary to establish sustainable high performance and delivery capabilities. Our differentiator is we evolve the individuals within the team so there is a collective shift in performance.

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  • Paul is an excellent Coach who has effective techniques to assist busy executives to take time out to reassess personal values, goals and ambitions at both the career and personal level. Paul then works brilliantly with executives to implement the behavioural and attitude changes that allows them to maximise potential, focus on what is important and jettison the rest.

    Stephen Wilcox
    Head of Construction
    Tamar Energy Ltd
  • Challenging and informative. The delivery of the Leadership Retreat was a refreshing change to the norm which, resulted in my interest and attention being held throughout. Thereby, injecting confidence in myself and the team understanding of the direction and changes that need to be made.

    Phil Lawson
    Network Rail
  • This is the first year since inception that we have been on track to hit all the elements of our business plan and I would attribute a big part of this to Paul’s input. He has made me sharper, more attune to myself and my role in the business as well as my life outside work.

    Simon Girling
    Girling Jones
  • Paul has enthusiasm, drive and an enviable skill-set with the ability to influence and change working cultures in an enlightened and highly positive way.

    Elaine Olphert
    Principle Associate
    RPS Group
  • Paul has spent much time working in and around the Construction industry and understands in detail, the subtle ins and outs of our chosen profession. But also, and perhaps more importantly, Paul has a wide experience working with clients across the world of business and is able to bring other perspectives and experiences to our sometimes quite insular existence.

    Richard Osbond
    Technical Director
    Curtins Consulting Ltd
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