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Paul is clear, amenable, listens well and communicates his thoughts unambiguously. He is open and intelligent and also very positive.

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Paul Fox has been active as a Construction Industry Executive Coach for the last 20 years and remains at the forefront of thought leadership such as his work in the BIM task groups.

He works with individuals, project and senior teams who want exponentially more output with much less struggle.

He was an early player in bringing performance coaching to the attention of the industry and has developed a reputation as a practical, insightful, and able Coach. Paul is an authority on  relationship management and collaboration. How it works, what breaks them and how to strengthen them. There is no one he works with who has not raised their game in the game of forging powerful business relationships. This knowledge and practical insight is shared with teams and individuals.

Productivity and performance are Paul’s other two signature interests. Many an executive has made the transition from capable player to accomplished leader via the coaching engagement – the same goes for SMT performance.  He has a keen insight into what he calls ‘work / life blending’ – helping busy people move successfully beyond the relentless pressure to put in more hours with diminishing return.

As a person to do business with, Paul is still working with clients that he started out with in the late 90’s – a testament to his natural, easy manner and ability to connect with people and their ambition. He has worked with hundreds of clients 1-1 and lead 1000’s of hours in team sessions. Business is normally repeat business by achieving positive, lasting change in behaviour: for leaders, their people and their teams.

Click here for Paul’s biography (PDF).

I’ve been around the construction block a few times!
    As an experienced coach, facilitator and trainer:

  • An MSc in Strategic HR Management.
  • A member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) which is the profession’s governing body. This means clients can be assured I adhere to the governing body’s code of ethics and standards. (See www.coachfederation.org for more information)
  • Over 1500 hours of 1-1 coaching with sector leaders, managers and business owners.
  • Over 300 hours coaching and training clients to the highest standard supported by testimonials.
  • Hundreds of hours facilitating and coaching top teams, project teams and boards.
  • In-demand keynote conference speaker on behavioural science and team chemistry.
  • Extensive experience in the world of work and business from engineering apprentice to leadership roles within a major contractor.
  • Qualified as a graduate of www.coachinc.com. (Many who call themselves coaches have not been formally trained in specific coaching skills and are transferring skill sets from other professions into their coaching. Often this results in an inadequate or ineffective coaching experience for clients).
  • A multi-discipline client base and robust testimony from many customers (as indicated in the client page).
  • A commitment to my own CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and to flattening the learning curve of my clients by sharing wisdom.
  • A down to earth, realistic and simple approach to getting things done.
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Click here to view Paul’s feature in the November/December 2016 edition of Construction Manager (PDF).

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