Women Behaving Badly – But Really?


Oct 2015

Women Behaving Badly – But Really?

You know that boss women, the harsh one, the one with the big opinions… her who irritates and pushes all the wrong buttons? If she was a man I’d venture it’d be a non-issue. Male leaders who are straight, direct and to the point are held as good blokes, with...

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Dec 2013

Taming the Reptile.

Talk, think, move, create, learn = a function of reflection and rejuvenation. Survive, react, repeat, repeat, repeat = the results of operating in constant reaction mode. I don’t know about you but I am conscious that I can spend far too much time in reactionary mode. It’s a necessary function...

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Jun 2013

Rudderless Ships Are Only Good For Drifting…

You’d likely think poorly of the CEO who had no long term vision for the business.Maybe you would raise an eyebrow to find the MD with no medium term biz objectives or, doubtful of your Project Manager with no plan. Pretty basic stuff really. My old boss used to come...

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Dec 2012

Look How Far You’ve Come…

Measuring your progress against what is left to be done and what’s next can be uninspiring and downright demotivating. Notice how the horizon always moves away from you as you walk or sail towards it? It is far healthier, accurate and spirit lifting to measure progress against how far you...

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Oct 2012

Creating the Conditions for Optimism

When was the last time you told a story about the way things will be? Difficult to recall? When was the last time you pointed out the problems that exist or the bad things that have recently occurred? Not so difficult to ID that one right?! I don’t normally do...

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Sep 2012

Chasing Security…

You need to be pretty fit to chase security. Most of what is considered secure is transient and a moving target: A secure job (one where you won’t get sacked, moved, overlooked or transferred) Secure relationships (those where you know exactly where the other person is heading, thinking or that...

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Sep 2012

Ambition Is Fueled By Possibility

People who are forced to make it on their own have drive. People who receive a lot of support and direction have dependency right?  This is the view some politicians push when it comes to whether or not it is a good thing to support the individual (grants, benefits, programmes...

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