Mar 2012

The Strength to let go of Power….

Concentrate on building your strength of character versus striving for more power. The point of power is to wield it for ones own benefit.  Building strength is for the purpose of standing by the people or bigger ideas you believe in. The former is inherently self centred, the latter is...

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Oct 2011

Happy Days…?

  I was talking with a client who was a bit low on spirits and energy. I asked him a question: “Tell me all the things that you are doing both personally and professional that make you happy?” Client: ………. Silence, long silence ( I was getting worried) followed by...

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Sep 2011

Stop Communicating – Start Connecting

I’m off to a big networking event this week. I was telling a client today and he said ‘make sure you give your business card to as many people as possible and communicate what you have on offer’. That provoked a lovely conversation after I replied ‘That is the last...

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Sep 2011

Back in the Saddle. The Progressing Perfectionist

Hello again, It’s Paul Fox back with the Constructive Coaching blog. Where have I been and why am I back… is anyone interested!? Way back around 2009 I took a break from producing my own ezine and co wrote on a monthly ezine ‘The Leader’. The Leader became a published...

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Jun 2011

Effort – Yes. Struggle – No.

All great endeavours require effort? You better believe it. Let’s stop confusing struggle with effort though. Effort is energy optimised to reach the outcome. Struggle is wasted effort – not moving the outcome forward very efficiently. How about the ‘principle of least effort’ which, is often confused for laziness –...

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