Jul 2012

Adult Onset ADD: Adventure Deficit Disorder

Big news item today on the latest survey results of the nations ‘happiness index’. Some would say there is an element of the blinking obvious; people are happiest as teens, go downhill in midlife and then get happier again in retirement. Why the midlife can be less happy is not...

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May 2012

To make progress.. just try getting away with it.

People who tend to make the most headway and those who tend to spend less time waiting –  don’t rely on corporate endorsement before taking action. That’s not to say they take mad, irresponsible decisions and buck the system just to be rebellious. No, they are considered and are 99.9%...

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Dec 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

Bring your year end to a definite conclusion and start 2012 with a clear direction. (Why wouldn’t you?) Myself and Mrs. Fox sit down every year about this time with a glass of sherry and a mince pie and run through the following ‘completion exercise’. In doing so we have...

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Oct 2011

Happy Days…?

  I was talking with a client who was a bit low on spirits and energy. I asked him a question: “Tell me all the things that you are doing both personally and professional that make you happy?” Client: ………. Silence, long silence ( I was getting worried) followed by...

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