Human Beings


Jan 2014

Embrace & Deploy The Introverts Magnificence.

This is a Huffington Post article on the 6 things you were wrong about introverts. I have made so many of the mistakes and misjudgements it was painful reading. Highly recommended reading for all managers of people. (Don’t click until you’ve finished this piece!) Two bigger issues are at play...

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Jun 2013

Conflict zones are for losers…

…and the award for the most spectacularly overlooked and misunderstood Project Team irony goes to… “To avoid conflict, you have to confront issues ( with unbending rigour).”   Conflict is a function of the formula: Contentious issues not handled + elongated time = conflict zone. Whereas, Conflict free zone =...

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Jul 2012

Buy an idea from you? Why would I?

How interesting are you? Are you multi dimensional or simply a grim workaholic? People buy more readily from people that interest them, they relate too and admire.  As the boss you have to sell your ideas, big work requests, hopes, dreams and hard aspirations?  You’ll cultivate your character by pushing...

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