Complete the Old and Bring in the New (Year)


Dec 2014

Complete the Old and Bring in the New (Year)

Stop – Change – Start is a powerful way of being for the individual and team thirsting for continual improvement. I thought you might be amenable to this rather enjoyable and satisfying ‘end of year ritual’ to check out the old year and bring in the new; from both a...

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Nov 2012

The Problems Versus Opportunities Conundrum

“What is the Managers job? It is to direct the resources and efforts of the business towards opportunities for economically significant results. This sounds trite – and it is.  But every analysis of  actual allocation of resources and efforts in business that I have ever seen or heard showed clearly...

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Sep 2012

Ambition Is Fueled By Possibility

People who are forced to make it on their own have drive. People who receive a lot of support and direction have dependency right?  This is the view some politicians push when it comes to whether or not it is a good thing to support the individual (grants, benefits, programmes...

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