Jan 2014

Embrace & Deploy The Introverts Magnificence.

This is a Huffington Post article on the 6 things you were wrong about introverts. I have made so many of the mistakes and misjudgements it was painful reading. Highly recommended reading for all managers of people. (Don’t click until you’ve finished this piece!) Two bigger issues are at play...

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Nov 2013

The Weaknesses Smokescreen.

And so it begins. My six year old daughter’s life long career battle with those who will want to label and focus on ‘her weaknesses’ (and her own internal self doubt and confusion). Sophia ‘is easily distracted‘. Sophia ‘has difficulty staying focussed’.  Sophia has ‘a wondering attention‘. I too used...

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Sep 2013

Neutralise Weakness

Tiger Woods is ranked 15 in sand saves on the PGA stats. He is number one in all round ranking.  Tiger wins his games on his extraordinary, hard wired, strength of his long game which, he practices, practices, and practices on. He gives little attention to sand saves other than...

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