Oct 2012

Handling Below Par Performance Graciously – End the Struggle

Avoiding a performance conversation, not intervening in obvious struggle or tackling damaging behaviour is dishonourable and grossly unfair to staff. An awful lot of that goes on. People know when they are struggling or failing and they’ll know that you know that too. That’s a pretty horrible place for two...

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May 2012

The need to motivate others is a sign!

  The moment you feel the need to motivate someone, you’ve made a hiring mistake or you’ve put the right person is in the wrong role. The’ right’ people don’t need to be motivated. Challenged, lead, taught, acknowledged – yes. But not motivated. The right people in the right job...

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Jun 2011

Effort – Yes. Struggle – No.

All great endeavours require effort? You better believe it. Let’s stop confusing struggle with effort though. Effort is energy optimised to reach the outcome. Struggle is wasted effort – not moving the outcome forward very efficiently. How about the ‘principle of least effort’ which, is often confused for laziness –...

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