Oct 2012

Creating the Conditions for Optimism

When was the last time you told a story about the way things will be? Difficult to recall? When was the last time you pointed out the problems that exist or the bad things that have recently occurred? Not so difficult to ID that one right?! I don’t normally do...

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Jul 2012

Adult Onset ADD: Adventure Deficit Disorder

Big news item today on the latest survey results of the nations ‘happiness index’. Some would say there is an element of the blinking obvious; people are happiest as teens, go downhill in midlife and then get happier again in retirement. Why the midlife can be less happy is not...

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Jul 2012

Instant Gratification is Taking Too Long…

Are you terribly busy? Then what a relief. A group of authors  (to assist busy, busy parents) have condensed classic children’s stories into 60 second summaries. I did a double take on that one.  Whilst sometimes (to my inner guilt) I feel too knackered to spend 20 minutes on the...

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May 2012

There Is No Future in ‘Survival’.

 When was the last time you figured out how much of your time you spend in survival mode? I’d check if I was you – mostly our survival mode is unobserved by the self. Survival based existence is just getting by, making it to the end of the day, putting...

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