Time Poverty


May 2013

Wise Up About Time.

The top 5 classic cons, misinformation, red herrings, and self-sabotaging beliefs about time: You will one day ‘find time’ for those things that you know that you need to be doing now.You will never find time. It’s not hidden under the bed, or in the biscuit tin or manifested as...

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Jul 2012

Instant Gratification is Taking Too Long…

Are you terribly busy? Then what a relief. A group of authors¬† (to assist busy, busy parents) have condensed classic children’s stories into 60 second summaries. I did a double take on that one.¬† Whilst sometimes (to my inner guilt) I feel too knackered to spend 20 minutes on the...

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Jul 2011

Decisions & Time Poverty

Most of us are much better and more prolific decision makers than we give ourselves credit for. After all, our day is but a sum total of constant decision making: Should I get out of bed and go to work? Should I take the back road and avoid the traffic?...

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