May 2014

The 6 Pillars Of Retention In A Rising Market

Mention retention and its all hands to the search for added extras to keep staff sweet. A bit more cash, a few days extra holiday, the corporate gym membership or the day at Alton Towers.  None of these things do any harm and certainly you would not catch me looking...

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Apr 2014

Collaborative Commodities – Loyalty.

Openness and honesty get talked about a lot in collaborative arrangements.  Because they have been compromised so many times, too many, they have lost their credibility. The good news is openness and honesty are not the issue. They are in fact functions of something else and pursuing them as the...

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Oct 2013

Pure Hollywood – Blockbuster Meetings

Very elegant note from a client today about crappy meetings. An all too familiar story… still. My response is in the attached file Meetings & Email Best Practice (with a bonus piece on crappy email protocol and what to do about it).   “Tough day to day… spent most of it...

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Jul 2012

Buy an idea from you? Why would I?

How interesting are you? Are you multi dimensional or simply a grim workaholic? People buy more readily from people that interest them, they relate too and admire.  As the boss you have to sell your ideas, big work requests, hopes, dreams and hard aspirations?  You’ll cultivate your character by pushing...

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Jun 2012

Managing Upwards – What’s Your Plan?

Your relationship with your boss can be controlled or, at least, deeply influenced by how well you learn to communicate with and manage your boss. If you wait for the boss to notice you you may be completely overlooked. If you wait for your boss to pick up you are...

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Jun 2012

Rules are guidelines for the wise and shackles for the fool.

The trite answer to whether you should follow the corporate rule book or organisational norms is ‘of course not’. But that’s too simple (and trite!). Rules are guidelines for the wise and shackles for the fool. Therefore, there is no definitive answer other than don’t just take one position. Break...

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Jun 2012

First you have to push your own car…

“I used to have horrible cars, because I never had any money, so I’d always end up broken down on the highway. When I stood there  trying to flag someone down, nobody stopped. But when I pushed my own car, other drivers would get out and push with me. If...

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May 2012

Uh oh, he mentioned the F word…

This is where 20 blokes drop off the subscription list as we enter the dangerous and terrifying ‘FEELINGS conversation’.  Of course, it’s OK and even admired to get passionate and even tearful when England lose another match – but feelings at work are still as welcome as an MP to...

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May 2012

The Version of Work Life Balance That Sucks…

..the bonkers version that has the busy manager going crazy trying to accomplish the linear notion of balance.  It’s out in the the social paradigm and in every Sunday newspaper: Monday to Friday – No weekend working. 9-5 Getting all your ‘work work’ done and getting all your ‘home work’...

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