Just who is the smartest guy in the room?

Just who is the smartest guy in the room? (male or female definitions apply)

There are two types of smart guy in the room; the guy who is the smartest and the guy who is trying to be the smartest.


Trying to be

Leads with questions Leads with answers
Makes people think Creates defence and attack response in others
Knows he knows nothing (is open to being wrong) Believes he knows everything / knows best
Takes the work but not himself seriously Has delusions of grand importance
Hears what is not being said and calls it – creates perspective. Pounces on the superficial and gets sucked in, loses perspective.
Exudes humanity Justifies own opinion
Makes others feel good about their contribution Squashes counter opinion
Has given up the right to be right Is right / everyone else is wrong
Creates allies Creates opposition (though they will likely be covert – even worse)

Highlight those that apply and course correct accordingly.  No one is all one or the other column.

Paul Fox

Paul Fox has been active as a Construction Industry Performance Coach for the last 20 years and remains at the forefront of Collaborative Working and High Performance Team Behaviours. He disrupts the status quo of individuals, project and senior teams who want exponentially more output with much less struggle.

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