Network Rail Case Study

What differentiates Constructive Coaching?

The Constructive Coaching work is a refreshing change to the norm which, results in understanding of direction, the injection of confidence in self and others and committing to the commitments we need to make to sustain collaboration. We have created precious time away from the coalface to speak to like-minded colleagues where our ideologies can be understood and conversations held to overcome obstacles.

Working with someone (Paul) who has spent significant amount of his time Coaching Construction Sector Executives provides great further insight into team dynamics and the psyche of the individuals who make up the whole team. The Constructive Coaching team are people who are down to earth, authoritative and experts in their field.

How did Constructive Coaching support collaborative leadership?

What particularly strikes us is how the importance of alignment of ambition has been a breakthrough to all involved.   Not just a ‘few words on a Charter’ but actual shifts in behaviour to support work bank delivery.  The enlightening insight provided by the Coaching and the guest speaking team enabled understanding of needs, drivers and gaps.

More importantly, the work we have done with this Alliance has imbedded sustainable change and lead to significant changes of structure, approach and communication.

We are now a leadership team, not just capable managers and that is what is required when playing the long game in collaboration.

The Result…

We are closer as a team.  Some of Paul’s memorable epithets are living in the Alliance; “Commitments show up in resultsProgress over perfection enables momentum” and “stop doing the work, start leading the team” are part of our day to day dialogue.

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