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Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury…


Feb 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury…

Locked away in our silo-ed industry cocoons, our primary way of imagining what other people are like whom we have not yet experienced is by the regurgitation of history and hearsay. As a consequence, we naturally expect that all other tribes will lean towards being blaggards, self centered, blinkered or...

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Apr 2014

Strategic Decision Making – Chasing the Torch Light

A smart CEO once said to me management have a tendency to ‘chase the torch light’. Shine an enticing opportunity or challenge on the wall and they’ll be mesmerised and knee jerk react to the stimuli.  (E.g. A sexy project, new workstream, sector, threat or initiative). Harsh, but  it goes...

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Nov 2012

The Problems Versus Opportunities Conundrum

“What is the Managers job? It is to direct the resources and efforts of the business towards opportunities for economically significant results. This sounds trite – and it is.  But every analysis of  actual allocation of resources and efforts in business that I have ever seen or heard showed clearly...

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Oct 2012

Handling Below Par Performance Graciously – End the Struggle

Avoiding a performance conversation, not intervening in obvious struggle or tackling damaging behaviour is dishonourable and grossly unfair to staff. An awful lot of that goes on. People know when they are struggling or failing and they’ll know that you know that too. That’s a pretty horrible place for two...

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Sep 2012

Chasing Security…

You need to be pretty fit to chase security. Most of what is considered secure is transient and a moving target: A secure job (one where you won’t get sacked, moved, overlooked or transferred) Secure relationships (those where you know exactly where the other person is heading, thinking or that...

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May 2012

To make progress.. just try getting away with it.

People who tend to make the most headway and those who tend to spend less time waiting –  don’t rely on corporate endorsement before taking action. That’s not to say they take mad, irresponsible decisions and buck the system just to be rebellious. No, they are considered and are 99.9%...

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Jan 2012

Creating a Life of Opportunity – By Dan Rockwell

The following was such a powerful message to start the new Year I copied it ‘as is’ direct from Dans’ blog. He deeply resonated with me at this time. Check out Dan’s blog at http://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/ Creating a Life of Opportunity Life without opportunities is dull and unfulfilling. Lost opportunities discourage;...

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Dec 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

Bring your year end to a definite conclusion and start 2012 with a clear direction. (Why wouldn’t you?) Myself and Mrs. Fox sit down every year about this time with a glass of sherry and a mince pie and run through the following ‘completion exercise’. In doing so we have...

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Sep 2011

Back in the Saddle. The Progressing Perfectionist

Hello again, It’s Paul Fox back with the Constructive Coaching blog. Where have I been and why am I back… is anyone interested!? Way back around 2009 I took a break from producing my own ezine and co wrote on a monthly ezine ‘The Leader’. The Leader became a published...

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Jul 2011

Decisions & Time Poverty

Most of us are much better and more prolific decision makers than we give ourselves credit for. After all, our day is but a sum total of constant decision making: Should I get out of bed and go to work? Should I take the back road and avoid the traffic?...

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