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Apr 2012

Which work matters?

  The work that you will judged on when it comes to your annual review – that’s what work. The work that your bonus may be riding on. Those half a dozen or less objectives you agreed with your boss will be the bottom line for you my friend. Time...

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Dec 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

Bring your year end to a definite conclusion and start 2012 with a clear direction. (Why wouldn’t you?) Myself and Mrs. Fox sit down every year about this time with a glass of sherry and a mince pie and run through the following ‘completion exercise’. In doing so we have...

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Oct 2011

Happy Days…?

  I was talking with a client who was a bit low on spirits and energy. I asked him a question: “Tell me all the things that you are doing both personally and professional that make you happy?” Client: ………. Silence, long silence ( I was getting worried) followed by...

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Jun 2011

Effort – Yes. Struggle – No.

All great endeavours require effort? You better believe it. Let’s stop confusing struggle with effort though. Effort is energy optimised to reach the outcome. Struggle is wasted effort – not moving the outcome forward very efficiently. How about the ‘principle of least effort’ which, is often confused for laziness –...

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