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Nov 2013

The Weaknesses Smokescreen.

And so it begins. My six year old daughter’s life long career battle with those who will want to label and focus on ‘her weaknesses’ (and her own internal self doubt and confusion). Sophia ‘is easily distracted‘. Sophia ‘has difficulty staying focussed’.  Sophia has ‘a wondering attention‘. I too used...

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May 2013

What Will You Make It Mean?

 1.    Events happen / change occurs. Constantly. 2.    We cannot control them / it. 3.    We put meaning on them / it. Always. 4.    The meanings determine the quality, satisfaction and effectiveness of our work, our life, our leadership. 5.    Since we can always change or correct our meanings, we...

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Oct 2012

In Praise of Diligence (and is all that ‘Passion’ really necessary?)

dil·i·gence -noun. Constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. I have two terrible confessions to make. ..that might have me struck off  the HR Xmas card lift and may raise the eyebrows of a few of my best customers: I’m not singularly...

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May 2012

The Version of Work Life Balance That Sucks…

..the bonkers version that has the busy manager going crazy trying to accomplish the linear notion of balance.  It’s out in the the social paradigm and in every Sunday newspaper: Monday to Friday – No weekend working. 9-5 Getting all your ‘work work’ done and getting all your ‘home work’...

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Apr 2012

Which work matters?

  The work that you will judged on when it comes to your annual review – that’s what work. The work that your bonus may be riding on. Those half a dozen or less objectives you agreed with your boss will be the bottom line for you my friend. Time...

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Dec 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

Bring your year end to a definite conclusion and start 2012 with a clear direction. (Why wouldn’t you?) Myself and Mrs. Fox sit down every year about this time with a glass of sherry and a mince pie and run through the following ‘completion exercise’. In doing so we have...

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Oct 2011

Happy Days…?

  I was talking with a client who was a bit low on spirits and energy. I asked him a question: “Tell me all the things that you are doing both personally and professional that make you happy?” Client: ………. Silence, long silence ( I was getting worried) followed by...

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