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Jun 2019

Mental Bandwidth – Being An ‘Open Mind’.

Are you open to new ways to do things, of thinking about things from a different perspective, to jettison old beliefs and judgments, to let go of views that are precious to those that have served you well for years? Really – how can you be so sure without testing...

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May 2017

You Are Not One of the Lads. It’s Over.

Oh the painful irony. The promotion ladder has been climbed and we’ve made it to ‘Leadership’. Damn. I’m here, and now my buddies, the folks I grew with… are over there. I still, deep down, want to be ‘one of the lads’ (sometimes lasses but mainly its the lads). It...

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Climate Changers Required – Apply Within


Mar 2015

Climate Changers Required – Apply Within

Could you change the Western Culture in your lifetime? Fat chance. How about European culture? Less fatter chance. How about British Culture? A 400 year project for the Romans. (Cue – what did the Romans do for us...?) How about an industry culture? (A work in progress since Latham’s  Constructing...

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