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Always Never Not Do a Half Time Team Talk!


Sep 2015

Always Never Not Do a Half Time Team Talk!

At the risk of Rugby World Cup clichés… Lets say England are 12-0 up at half time. Stuart Lancaster will hold a half time team talk –  the principle intent to ensure that the current margin of victory is held and or built on. Lets say England are 0-12 down...

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Climate Changers Required – Apply Within


Mar 2015

Climate Changers Required – Apply Within

Could you change the Western Culture in your lifetime? Fat chance. How about European culture? Less fatter chance. How about British Culture? A 400 year project for the Romans. (Cue – what did the Romans do for us...?) How about an industry culture? (A work in progress since Latham’s  Constructing...

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Jun 2013

Rudderless Ships Are Only Good For Drifting…

You’d likely think poorly of the CEO who had no long term vision for the business.Maybe you would raise an eyebrow to find the MD with no medium term biz objectives or, doubtful of your Project Manager with no plan. Pretty basic stuff really. My old boss used to come...

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May 2013

Wise Up About Time.

The top 5 classic cons, misinformation, red herrings, and self-sabotaging beliefs about time: You will one day ‘find time’ for those things that you know that you need to be doing now.You will never find time. It’s not hidden under the bed, or in the biscuit tin or manifested as...

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Jan 2013

Preparing An Issue For Discussion

The result you want is that people get right into straight, direct and to the point conversation.  Holding meetings where we try to winkle issues out without preparation is like nailing jelly to the ceiling – lots of energy expended and little to show for it. Have the Team prepare...

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Nov 2012

The Problems Versus Opportunities Conundrum

“What is the Managers job? It is to direct the resources and efforts of the business towards opportunities for economically significant results. This sounds trite – and it is.  But every analysis of  actual allocation of resources and efforts in business that I have ever seen or heard showed clearly...

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Oct 2012

Creating the Conditions for Optimism

When was the last time you told a story about the way things will be? Difficult to recall? When was the last time you pointed out the problems that exist or the bad things that have recently occurred? Not so difficult to ID that one right?! I don’t normally do...

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May 2012

To make progress.. just try getting away with it.

People who tend to make the most headway and those who tend to spend less time waiting –  don’t rely on corporate endorsement before taking action. That’s not to say they take mad, irresponsible decisions and buck the system just to be rebellious. No, they are considered and are 99.9%...

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Apr 2012

Which work matters?

  The work that you will judged on when it comes to your annual review – that’s what work. The work that your bonus may be riding on. Those half a dozen or less objectives you agreed with your boss will be the bottom line for you my friend. Time...

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Jan 2012

Creating a Life of Opportunity – By Dan Rockwell

The following was such a powerful message to start the new Year I copied it ‘as is’ direct from Dans’ blog. He deeply resonated with me at this time. Check out Dan’s blog at http://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/ Creating a Life of Opportunity Life without opportunities is dull and unfulfilling. Lost opportunities discourage;...

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