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The Problem is Rarely THE Problem.


May 2018

The Problem is Rarely THE Problem.

Mannnnny Moons ago my Coach advised me that: ‘The problem the client brings to the call is never the real problem”. She has proved to be endlessly right. What to do. Start from a position of enquiry and curiosity that the person has not fully dug down to the source...

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Jun 2013

The Worst Vice is Ad-vice.

I have had some awesome advice over the years, some of it I even acted upon… The ‘trouble’ with me  is I really take  advice to heart when I’m ready for it and I ask for it – versus being told what to do or lectured with “you don’t wanna...

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May 2012

To make progress.. just try getting away with it.

People who tend to make the most headway and those who tend to spend less time waiting –  don’t rely on corporate endorsement before taking action. That’s not to say they take mad, irresponsible decisions and buck the system just to be rebellious. No, they are considered and are 99.9%...

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