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Mar 2013

The Most Disruptive Work Environment?

The prize for the most disruptive work environment goes to… the work environment! The rush to open plan heaven has created a disruptive hell for some salaried thinkers. People relate in two ways to their working environment. Inwardly focussed people are  not phased, disturbed or drained by untidy desks, chatter,...

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Dec 2012

Look How Far You’ve Come…

Measuring your progress against what is left to be done and what’s next can be uninspiring and downright demotivating. Notice how the horizon always moves away from you as you walk or sail towards it? It is far healthier, accurate and spirit lifting to measure progress against how far you...

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Sep 2011

Back in the Saddle. The Progressing Perfectionist

Hello again, It’s Paul Fox back with the Constructive Coaching blog. Where have I been and why am I back… is anyone interested!? Way back around 2009 I took a break from producing my own ezine and co wrote on a monthly ezine ‘The Leader’. The Leader became a published...

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Aug 2011

Every Solution – Creates It’s Own Problems

Every solution creates it’s own problems. The car was the solution to the horse & cart. (Creating pollution, gridlock) Email was the solution to ‘too slow’ mail. (Creating overwhelm, escalations, focus on the small stuff) Credit cards were the solution to personal cash flow issues. (Creating stress, over extended debt,...

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Aug 2011

Change is not Difficult at all. Transition is the Killer

Change is not difficult – Transition is difficult. It’s not starting something new that is tricky, we are good at that. It’s leaving what’s old and familiar behind that we find painful, messy, awkward or just in the too hard category. Change is easy…Transitions are hard. Yesterday you were single,...

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Jul 2011

The Power of Follow Up

I never was all that sure of the intent when a former coach of mine used to sayhuman beings are basically sleaze bags especially you Paul. I now know what he meant and have found peace with that sage advice! Given half the chance we humans let projects and promises...

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