The need to motivate others is a sign!


The moment you feel the need to motivate someone, you’ve made a hiring mistake or you’ve put the right person is in the wrong role. The’ right’ people don’t need to be motivated. Challenged, lead, taught, acknowledged – yes. But not motivated. The right people in the right job show up motivated. The only thing you need to do as a manager / boss is not demotivate them with your own behaviours; micro managing, focussing on failure and ‘weaknesses’ or competing against them.

As far as your line reports go, your job is to encouarge them to put you out of a job by becomming better than you.  (You can then move on to something bigger and bolder for yourself.)  What a fabulous gift to them and you.

Paul Fox

Paul Fox has been active as a Construction Industry Performance Coach for the last 20 years and remains at the forefront of Collaborative Working and High Performance Team Behaviours. He disrupts the status quo of individuals, project and senior teams who want exponentially more output with much less struggle.

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