Words Fail Me – That’s Why I need You.

Words Fail Me – That’s Why I need You.

That challenging moment when a really necessary conversation sits with us and we can’t think of the ‘right words’ to say. So we leave it.

We may well then be left with two deteriorating scenarios.

  1. We are giving ourselves a hard time for bottling it, dropping the ball, squandering an opportunity, burying head in sand. Quite the waste of energy.
  2. The issue that we have with the other person is rumbling on unaddressed; they are oblivious to the spotlight they are under. The Team has less integrity for want of a tricky conversation. They are struggling, something is off and they probably know it. Not a pleasant space to be occupying.

In situations when words fail we need the Nike approach. Just do it anyway.

Reach into humility and vulnerability and say something like:

  1. I’ve something I need to get off my chest – would you like to hear?
  2. I have something to say that you may not want to hear. Do you want to hear?
  3. I have something to say that may come out a bit clumsy, as I can’t find the right words – do you want to hear?

Often we can’t find the right words so we need other people’s permission to speak imperfectly to make progress. I need you to help me help you.

When we ask permission to be clumsy and honest it’s rare the invitation is declined (Never once in 20 years for me!). We now have permission and maybe a little more respect for reaching out of our comfort zone.

Paul Fox

Paul Fox has been active as a Construction Industry Performance Coach for the last 20 years and remains at the forefront of Collaborative Working and High Performance Team Behaviours. He disrupts the status quo of individuals, project and senior teams who want exponentially more output with much less struggle.

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